League Policies

UpdatedThursday November 11, 2021 byBrian English.


Since we depend upon using school department property, supervised by the Parks and Recreation Department, there are several regulations that must be followed. Please inform your players and parents of the following league and school policies:

  1. No jewelry is allowed during games or practices for safety reasons.
  2. Players must wear their EBA provided uniform/shirt for all games. NO exceptions will be made!
  3. Players cannot modify their uniforms. Meaning they are NOT allowed to “cut the sleeves off”, “put names on them” or alter their shirts in any other way.
  4. Personal basketballs are not allowed in the gyms. Balls will be provided for your games and practices.
  5. NO food or drink other than WATER is allowed in the gymnasiums. Each school has water fountains available for everyone’s use. Also, please have your team (players & fans) be responsible for the clean-up of their trash before they leave the gym.
  6. Players and coaches should not arrive sooner than 15 minutes before their designated starting time for a practice or a game. Be sure at the conclusion of your activity, all of your players leave with a parent or guardian. No one should be left at the school unattended.
  7. Respect the other team's practice / game time. Please do not shoot or dribble while another team(s) practice is running.
  8. You are responsible for player supervision. Always be aware of where your players are and be sure they do not roam the hallways or loiter in the locker rooms.
  9. Locate the Parks and Recreation staff member for assistance should anyone require first aid treatment, (Band-Aid, ice pack, etc.). There are first aid kits in each school.
  10. In the event of cancellation (weather or otherwise), a Sports Illustrated Play Email will be sent to all participants notifying them of cancellations. Please make sure your parents have accurate email addresses on the system and have them check their email frequently. You can also call the Cancellation line at 413-529-1444 or check our Facebook page. We will also do our best to post cancellations on our website: www.easthamptonbasketball.com.  Whenever Easthampton schools are cancelled, all games & practices are also cancelled.
  11. We encourage you to utilize the Sports Illustrated Play team wall to communicate to your teams. It is the simplest way to communicate with your teams.



The EBA is committed to encouraging and promoting good sportsmanship at all EBA sponsored events and maintaining a positive environment for our basketball participants at all age levels. Good Sportsmanship applies to players, coaches and spectators and it must be exhibited through a respect for the rules, the courteous treatment of opponents, officials and gym supervisors. The EBA asks that coaches control their players and fan base by setting a good example and by addressing unsporting behavior before it escalates.

Failure to exhibit good sportsmanship by a player, coach and/or a fan may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to technical fouls, game ejections and suspension from league activities. Failure to leave the gymnasium promptly when directed to or returning to any gymnasium being utilized for an EBA event before a suspension is lifted may result in a team forfeit.



Any player or coach who is ejected from a game due to unsporting or flagrant technical foul(s) is automatically suspended for their team's next two (2) regularly scheduled games and is not afforded the opportunity to appear before the Executive Board.  It is the Referee’s or game administrations responsibility to inform the President or League Coordinator in writing of the events leading up to the ejection.  

In addition, any player who accumulates 3 technical fouls during the season is automatically suspended for the team's next two (2) regularly scheduled games.

Any player or coach who is ejected from two (2) games during a season due to unsporting or flagrant technical foul(s) is suspended from all league activities until the individuals appear at an Executive Board disciplinary meeting (see Bylaws).  

Any player or coach ejected from a game for unsporting or flagrant technical foul(s) or is suspended for any reason is automatically disqualified from All*Star game consideration.



The EBA strives to teach basketball skills and good sportsmanship.  Actions of the fans toward the officials and the opposing team can spread very quickly to the players and coaches. Parents and fans are required to set a proper and positive example for the children and are expected to cheer for their team in a way that provides positive support for the players, coaches and referees at all times.  

Fans using profane or vulgar language at any EBA game, practice or event will be warned by a member of the board of directors, gym superviosors or referee. Subsequent offenses may result in the fan(s) being ejected from facility and banned from attending future games, practices or events sponsored by the EBA.

Failure to leave the gymnasium promptly when directed to or returning to any gymnasium being utilized for an EBA event before a suspension is lifted may result in a team forfeit.