Division Rules

UpdatedThursday November 11, 2021 byBrian English.

EBA division rules for Grades 1-3, Grades 4-12 and the Quabbin Valley League are attached below.  There are changes from 2014 so please review closely.

The biggest change is that there will be no shot clock used this season.  Officials will call a violation if they deem a team is "stalling" the ball.  

Please review these rules and contact your division coordinator if you have any questions.  Those contacts can be found in the EBA Welcome letter you received.  Thank you.


EBA Division Rules _Grades 4-12_ 2017-1 Update.pdf
Playing Time Break Down Form.pdf
EBA Rules _Grades 1-3_ 2017 Update.pdf
QVBL Rules 2019-2020.pdf
Southampton Basketball Rules.pdf