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UpdatedThursday November 11, 2021 byBrian English.

Learn To Play Program (Boys K&1, Girls K Only):   $85 per player.  (Includes Youth Size Basketball, T-Shirt and Participation Medal)

Recreation League:   $85 per player. 

Suburban League: $150 registration fee per player.  Uniform cost is NOT included in the registration fee and must be paid for separately.

In-Town Recreation League Family Household Maximum: $210 (All recreation players).  

Out of Town Recreation League Family Household Maximum: $250

Suburban League Family Household Maximum: $300 (Multiple Suburban players or Suburban + Recreation).

Multi-Player Discount: $10 sibling discount for each additional player living in the same family household.

Non-Resident Fee: Additional $30 per registration for non-Easthampton residents. Fee is waived if registrant attends Easthampton public schools.

Late Fee: $35 will be charged for any non-High School player registration received after registration closes on 10/31/19.  High School late fee is charged if a registration is received after 11/30/19.

Refunds: See Refund Policy

Payment Information: Payment must be paid online via Credit Card or Debit Card only.  Your registration is NOT complete and your spot is NOT reserved until payment is received.



  1. Registration Method: Online Only
  2. Payment Method: Online credit card or debit card payments only.  No checks.
  3. Spot Reservation: The registrant's "spot" in the league is not reserved until full payment is received.  In addition, Easthampton residents or those attending Easthampton schools will be given preference up to the initial registration close date.  As such, if an Easthampton resident registers after an "out-of-town" registrant but before the original registration close date, the Easthampton registrant will "bump" an "out-of-town" registrant when the division maximum is reached.  This will be done in order of registration date and time registered.  No preference will be given if the registration close date is extended. 
  4. NSF Fee: If payment gets returned to our bank for Non-Sufficient Funds, participant is responsible for reimbursing the EBA for any fees incurred.  Failure to pay any fees will result in participant being removed from the league.
  5. Refund Policy (Grades K-8): If a registered participant withdraws before the annual jamboree, a refund will be processed less a $10 processing fee to cover on-line registration and merchant fees.  If a player received a recreation league game T-Shirt the refund will be further reduced by $10.  If the player received a Suburban game warm-up, the refund will be further reduced by $25.  No refunds will be granted after the first regular season game.  
  6. High School Refund Policy:  A full refund will be given if you are selected for your High School team.  Other refunds are subject to the Refund Policy noted above.
  7. Fee Correction: Occassionally the website may miscalculate a registration fee.  It may under or over charge.  If the website over calculates your fee due, you should complete payment and noifiy the registrar of the error.  We will verify the error and refund the difference.  We encourange you to do this as making payment will reserve your spot in the league.  If the website under calculates the fee, the EBA reserves the right to update the fees due to the correct amount and you are required to pay the difference in order to participate in the league.  We apologize for any incovenience if this occurs.
  8. Suburban to Recreation League Adjustment: If you register for Suburban but your player does not make the team, you can request a full refund have the payment applied to a recreation league registration.  The registration fee will be recalculated and you will be refunded the difference.
  9. Policy Exceptions: Any exceptions to these policies are at the sole discretion of the EBA Executive Board.